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Alphabetical Health Food Exchange Index
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Members of Health Food Exchange:

- LifeHealth Science, LLC

Other companies:

- La Meco S.R.L.
- La Mexicana
- La Preferida
- Lakewood Organic Juices
- Landmark Label Manufacturing
- Law Offices of Steven E. Brunette
- Leada Solid Surface Co., Ltd.
- Legacy for Life
- Leiner Health Products
- Lest' Goo / Matias Brautton
- Liaoning Ruili Food Co., Ltd.
- Life Enhancement Products, Inc.
- Life Extension
- Life Tree Biotech USA, Inc
- Life-Renewal, Inc.
- LifeSeasons
- Lifestar
- Lifeway Foods
- Lilac Wines Ltd
- Links Medical Products Inc
- Linnea USA:Switzerland
- Lohaspia, Inc
- Longhai Gelin Foods Co., Ltd.
- Lonza
- Lunada Biomedical
- LycoRed Corp. (LycoMato(R))

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