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Quantification of newsprint

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paper for printed newspapers and books in General. Usually below 20% to over 80% of mechanical pulp and chemical wood pulp is made. Also, bamboo pulping of bagasse pulp as the main raw material. Depending on the ratio of paste different, 1TH and 2nd number two. 1th newsprint, high specification, which has good ink absorption and tensile strength, suitable for high speed rotary press printing. Mechanical wood pulp fiber contains more lignin, paper yellowing in photosynthesis brittle, it is not appropriate to printed books in the need to save for a long time. Factory-finished Basic for the Web, width, 1575, 787, mm, such as specifications, may also be based on need

Business card printing for the United Kingdom is very important to the company, because a small card directly you can represent a company's image, barbed wire mesh is also very important for the company, of course, because wire can protect the safety of the company, of course, companies also want to install on the Mesh Fence to ensure the security of company

You want to cut a single sheet of paper for the CD supplied. In the context of the world, largest newsprint consumption. Since the newspaper printing to offset embossed development, General Groundwood papermaking raw materials from (that is, mechanical wood pulp) development for thermo-mechanical pulp, chemical-thermomechanical pulp mill and so on. Bagasse pulp papermaking in China's sugar-producing region in the South is growing. Improving paper machine speed and width of with newsprint as most standard: speed at more than 1000 m/min is not uncommon, 6~8 metres in width universal; maximum speed up to 1500 m/min width of 10 meters or so.

Quantification of newsprint, international press printed on demand differences: offset newsprint is generally 40 g/m², Rotary gravure newsprint about 50 g/m². Round embossed newsprint in China traditional quantitative of 51~52 g/square meter, and tend to be light weight, development of specifications for the 48 g/m² paper. People's Republic of China after the establishment of North-Eastern and southern provinces have been expanded and a new group of large paper mill, preliminary close balance between supply and demand of newsprint. (B) formalizes the movable-type printing newspapers, English for "newspaper", appeared in early 17th century this word, synonym for the modern Chinese translation for newspapers. (C) commonly known as newsprint, mainly for the printing of newspapers, periodicals and print more information, offset printing, the use of the short duration of publications publications such as comic strip

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