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filler and additives mixed material. Pigments for inks provide color

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Flexographic printing area is developing rapidly in recent years, their development prospects are promising, is one of the main ways of printing for the future package printing. Ink is printing process used in the coloring substance, due to the different composition and properties of different types of ink, making drying mechanism and its impact on the environment is different, this article focused on the flexographic printing is used in solvent-based inks, water-based inks and UV inks and demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of the different drying ways.

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Ink is pigment, connection material, filler and additives mixed material. Pigments for inks provide color; connecting material is liquid ink composition, is the carrier of pigment and filler powder, it will color and fill material evenly among them, change of ink with the appropriate performance, and drying performance. While it is a into film substances, pigments to relies on links material of drying into film sexual solid to attached in printing real surface; fill material in ink in the can since to Regulation ink of consistency, and sticky degrees, and viscous, and liquidity and yield value, ink sexual, and has adjustment ink concentration of role; auxiliaries is to improved ink of some performance and joined of secondary material, as plasticizer, and lubricant, and consumer bubble agent,. In the ink consists of several components, connection material determine the ink drying and film quality, mainly from materials connections below in terms of detail.

1. solvent type ink

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