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with the rapid development of the Internet

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As the global economic downturn, means of information dissemination depends on the reduction in paper, printing and packaging industry is facing great survival pressure, fierce surge in prices of raw materials, but also into printing enterprises "unbearable", domestic printing enterprise's profit decreased year after year. Packaging and printing margins 10%~15%, publications printing margins 3%~5%, printing industry average margin level is 6.4%. From another point of view, represents a mature low profit, represents the returning of rationality. Printing industry of profit-making situation fast transformation of printing enterprises in order to adapt to current development trends in the information age.

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From a global perspective, with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce applications has become an increasingly widespread, printing companies are also beginning to e-commerce to seek new profit point, innovation development model, on the shrinking of traditional print market, expand the overall competition. Printing enterprises in China are relatively small, some small and medium enterprises cannot afford to own in developing e-commerce, and third-party e-commerce service platform is the key to development. Platform with industry, printing industry chain of convergence can be achieved, timely control of the raw materials market, reduce purchasing costs, save transaction time and driving business growth.

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