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method for the determination of fineness of ink

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. Detection of fineness of the environment to keep dust-free, cotton yarn and other accessories should be prepared in advance, solvent filter good. The ambient temperature must not be too low, it is customary to say measuring fineness views regardless of the temperature, humidity, defects. Best conducted under standard conditions of temperature and humidity testing.

2. to observe standards of fineness is the best light source light, without conditions, the brightness of the light source should be appropriate, with a magnifying glass the secondary observation.

V, method for the determination of fineness of ink

1, principles of testing

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According to the test methods will be diluted ink, scraper for determination of the particle fineness to comminute and fineness of dispersion known as ink, expressed in microns.

2, tools and materials

(1) μ m scraper fineness gauge set (each tick 2.5 μ m).

(2) 0.1mm ink absorption tube.

(3) acid-burette (25mL MB).

(4) adjustable blade.

(5) the magnifying glass (5-20 times)

(6) the oil, 6th [viscosity (25 ° c) 140-160mPa · s].

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