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Carotech Inc. in Health Food Exchange

Incorporated in Malaysia, Carotech is the first and only GMP-certified manufacturer in the world to commercially extract tocotrienol complex (Tocomin®, Tocomin®SupraBio™), mixed carotene complex (Caromin®) and phytosterol (Stelessterol™) from palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis). The extraction technology is protected through a worldwide patent (US Patent No. 5,157,132).

Carotech's Main Products are-

Tocomin® - Natural Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex

Tocomin®SupraBio™ - Bio-enhanced Natural Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex

Caromin® - Natural Mixed Carotenoids Complex

Stelessterol™ - Natural Phytosterol Complex

We have also recently launched a natural lycopene extract from tomato – Maxopene™.

Carotech’s phytonutrients products are available as concentrated oil suspension, beadlets and water dispersible powders/emulsions to cater for different applications needs. Used mainly in the manufacturing of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, natural food colorant, functional food and drinks, cosmetic products as well as veterinary and feeds products.

Carotech is the leading supplier of Tocomin® natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex. Currently our products are marketed throughout the world.

Carotech Inc.
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