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1. How do I become a member of Health Food Exchange?
To be a member of Health Food Exchange, please click here or the "Join Free" link on the top of the page and fill out the registration form. Registration is FREE and your company will be listed in our member directory.

2. Why should I join Health Food Exchange?
The Health Food Exchange is the only global business-to-business (B2B) exchange marketplace that is dedicated for the health food industry. The Health Food Exchange aims to facilitate business trade among the buyers and sellers worldwide from raw materials suppliers, manufactures, distributors, importers, and exporters.

3. What benefits do registered member receive?
All registered members are eligible to be listed in our B2B member directory, post various types of offers to our exchange listing, and publish business literature to our site that is relevant to the health food industry. The Health Food Exchange actively provides features that help our members to be engaged in business networking and assists them to obtain the latest industry information and looks for new opportunities.

4. Can I upgrade my membership after I've joined?
Absolutely. You can upgrade your membership at any time during your annual membership term, and your dues payment for that upgrade will be prorated. You are also welcome to upgrade your membership during your annual renewal.

5. Why do I get the error "This E-mail Address already exists" when I enter my e-mail address or login name when I want to register?
This means someone has already registered for Health Food Exchange with that particular e-mail address or login name.

6. What is the Lead Delivery Service?
This service will deliver you the most update-to-date sales leads, Buy/Sell/Trade listings in our exchange. Registered users can easily add or remove product categories for which you wish to receive updates in the member area.

7. What payment methods to you accept?
For paid membership and Pay as You Go Credit users, we use PayPal to process your payment. All financial transactions and information are secured by PayPal and not store in our database.
If you are unable to use PayPal in your country, please contact us and let us know your preference.

8. How fast can I get the Pay as You Go Credit or the paid membership after I made the purchase?
As soon as your payment is completed with PayPal, when you login into our member area, you will immediately see the purchase you made with us. If you encounter any problem, please contact us immediately.

9. What does your member area look like?
As we continue to add more features to our site, we placed all configurable features for our member in the member area as soon they are login.

10. What is RSS feeds?
RSS Feeds help our members to get latest sales leads, offers, and latest registered companies without visiting our website. It is an alternative way for people who do not want to receive latest leads through emails, but still want to stay informed.

11. Who is eligible to post listing in our Exchange Listing?
Only registered member complete with their company profile are eligible for posting a B2B listing to our exchange. Registration is FREE at this time.

12. How to submit a business article to our site?
Registered member can submit a business article that is relevant to the industry. It is a great way to introduce new product that you might have. You can include up to 3 pictures with your submitted article.

13. How do I know how many Pay As You Go credits left?
There is a status block showing the exact credits you have on every pages on the website after you login. It looks like this:

14. Does paid member need Pay As You Go credits?
No, paid member is priviledge to view all content in the website. There is no need to purchase extra credits.

15. How to hide my listing that was already posted?
Login to your member area, and go to the 'Edit Your Listing' and check on the 'hide this listing' checkbox.

16. I'm outside of U.S., can I still use PayPal to pay?
Yes, PayPal accepts payment golobally. You can view the list of curriencies from here.

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